July 2024 Volunteer Spotlight: Kent Jaecke – Professional Ringman for Boots and Bling

Confucious once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote perfectly embodies July’s Volunteer Spotlight: Kent Jaecke. Kent has volunteered at the Foundation’s signature FUNdraising event-Boots and Bling for nearly 10 years as a Professional Ringman. He is tasked with assisting the auctioneer by spotting and recognizing bidders in the audience, this ensures that bids are acknowledged, and the auction runs smoothly by helping to engage and entice the bidders to dig deep with their bids and helps increase the final sale price of the live auction items.


Kent honed his craft under the mentorship of Stanley Stout at Kansas State University. Kent stated, “In my humble opinion, Stanley Stout was the greatest auctioneer to ever live.” Stout was a renowned auctioneer known for his work in livestock auctions, recognized for his dynamic auctioneering style and ability to engage and energize the crowd. He was a significant figure in livestock auctioneering until his passing in 2006.

Kent—a Kansas native—was raised in Dickinson, Kansas, but has resided in Oklahoma since 1992. He fondly noted, “I will always be a proud Kansan.” This love for Kansas runs deep for Kent who is motivated to stay involved with Boots and Bling because he wants to give back to the Kansas State Fair to repay all the fond memories and valuable lessons, he learned during his years attending the Fair. Kent strongly believes it is important to give back to “home” with finances, talents, or time. 

Kent fondly recalls being asked by Mary McCurry, Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation Board Chair, to be a Ringman for Boots and Bling and said, “When Mary McCurry asks you to be a part of something you JUST say YES!” He noted he is proud to be a part of Boots and Bling and to help raise funds for the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation, and supporting the Kansas State Fair which was such a huge part of his childhood. Kent’s favorite part of Boots and Bling is coming to Kansas which feels like home despite his current Oklahoma residence. He also loves that the funds raised at Boots and Bling go back to improving, preserving, and beautifying the Fairgrounds. 

While logging over 80,000 miles a year for his numerous jobs, not only is he a Professional Ringman, but is also the National Semen Salesman for Griswold Cattle and the proud owner of Rockin’ K Productions. Rockin’ K Productions is a full-service livestock marketing company focused on creating effective marketing for clients.

Kent has inarguably had a successful career characterized by a blend of passion, perseverance and continuous learning while honing his beloved craft. He defines success by how he is perceived by his peers, and it is measured by how you interact with and treat others.

Passion and success in what you do in life is not measured by dollars, but in how others see you and if they continue to do business with you.

Kent Jaecke

In closing, Kent’s successful career is marked by personal fulfillment and has contributed to the broader community by giving of his time and talents to making the Kansas State Fair a place where others can be influenced and inspired to pursue their own dreams and career paths with the same confidence of Kent Jaecke.

Like Kent, do you have a talent or passion to share with the Kansas State Fair? Sign up to volunteer today!

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