Legacy Giving – Making an Impact on the Kansas State Fair

Each of us has significant moments in our lives that make an impact. Those things may seem small at the time, but they often are the source of great change in the trajectory of our lives. For many of us, this has been our involvement with the Kansas State Fair. 

Coming to the Kansas State Fair as a child may have opened your eyes to a wonderful new world. A world of wonderment, a world of seeing new opportunities, and a world of understanding what it takes to create, grow, or raise that prize-winning entry. For others, it may be the friendships developed from friendly competition or by stalling your animals across the aisle from someone who became special in your life.

It may be those special times with family, riding the train, taking a look at the Fair from a bird’s eye view from the giant Ferris wheel or Skyride. For some, it may have been a ride through the slightly scary Ye Old Mill or experiencing your first concert in the Kansas State Fair Grandstands. 

As adults, sometimes we don’t think about those pivotal moments that caused us to take that deep breath and change our lives. However, this winter one Kansas couple did pause and reflect on how much the Kansas State Fair has meant to them. They made the decision to provide a “LEGACY GIFT” to the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation through their estate-planned giving, this gift will have a significant impact on the Kansas State Fair. They reached out to the Foundation, notifying the Foundation of their intent to give, completed the necessary paperwork, and created a “LEGACY GIFT” for a future project of the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation. This “LEGACY GIFT” will help to provide future generations of Kansans the opportunity to fall in love with the Fair just as this generous couple has through the years.

You too can make a significant impact by providing a “LEGACY GIFT” through the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation as a part of your estate-planned giving. For a copy of the Foundation’s Intent to Give form or to discuss how you might make a significant impact on the Kansas State Fair through a gift from your estate please contact James Fisher, Executive Director, Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation at 620-615-7388 (office) or via email at James.Fisher@KsFgF.org

Let your plans be known today!

You can find a copy of the Intent to Give form below.

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