April 2024 Volunteer Spotlight: David Johnson and Al Hernandez

This month’s volunteer spotlight shines a light on the dynamic duo of David Johnson and Al Hernandez. These two have been volunteering at the Foundation together for over a decade and have been friends for even longer. David recalls being invited to volunteer by board member, Steve Dillon. In turn, David then invited Al to join him.

Al Hernandez is pictured on the left with David Johnson on the right.

Together, David and Al volunteer in the Official Kansas State Fair Merchandise Booth during the Kansas State Fair. 

“I invited Al because we do stuff together,” David said. Such is the nature of their friendship. They both are active with the local Hutchinson Moose Lodge and enjoy riding their motorcycles.  

We know each other, we like each other, we like to hit off one another and bag on each other. It’s all in good fun!

David Johnson on volunteering together

Both David and Al are retired from Dillons, having worked in the trucking department and the warehouse respectively. 

I like to stay active since retirement, and working at the Fair is something I look forward to every year.

Al Hernandez on volunteering with the Foundation

Whether they are volunteering in the Merchandise Booth or simply grabbing lunch together, they are always joking around and teasing one another. According to Al, they don’t get angry, they just get even. This was apparent while meeting with them for the interview as the playful jokes and stories kept flying back and forth between the two. 

“David is always doing crazy things for attention,” Al reported, which was met with David tossing back, “Yeah? Well Al is always worried about what other people are doing!” They both laughed and attempted to back up their respective sides of the jovial discussion.

In the Official Kansas State Fair Merchandise booth, they enjoy getting to do some people watching and meeting people from all over. David even shared an idea about having a map for State Fair visitors to mark where they are visiting from. He remarked about all the people he’s met at the Fair that come from tiny towns all over the State and beyond and was clearly passionate about being able to connect even more with people.

I get to do what I enjoy, for a good cause.

David Johnson on volunteering in the Merch Booth

David and Al ended the interview by saying, “Get Fairified!”

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