1861 Club Manager Hired: Welcome, Tami Rife!

The Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation is excited to announce that Tami Rife has joined the Foundation team as the manager for the 1861 Club.

Tami brings years of sales management experience to her new role as manager of the 1861 Club. Tami was often recognized for her leadership abilities and her commitment to excellence. As a National Account Sales Manager for Tyson Foods, she worked directly with retail, food service manufacturers, and club channel teams across the U.S. which correlates directly with providing the type of services needed in this high-quality venue. Tami has worked with teams at every point in her career, always focusing on the excellent execution of plans to create positive results with a strong commitment to customer service and results.

Beyond her professional endeavors she maintains an involvement in community and civic activities. A longtime member of the Hutchinson Town Club, she served as a board member and past-president. She has volunteered at the NJCAA Basketball Tournament for many years as well as currently serves as a Reno County Elections Supervising Judge. In addition, Tami volunteered in the Administration Office during the 2023 Kansas State Fair. 

The 1861 Club is the Event Venue currently being built by the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. This beautiful facility is nearly 15,000 sq. feet and will feature 30’ tall wood-ceilings, exposed heavy timber luminant framing with stone accents throughout. The 1861 Cluba Space as Grand as Your Dreams will serve a multitude of purposes throughout the year. During the Kansas State Fair, the venue will be a climate-controlled food, beverage, and entertainment venue for those fair patrons who are looking for an excitingly new and entertaining Fair experience. Following the Fair, the 1861 Club will transform into a high-quality event venue specializing in that unique venue experience with superior service and audio-visual capabilities to ensure your wedding, corporate, or industry event is precisely what you are hoping it will be.

“Tami is exactly what the Foundation was looking for in this position. She will bring a level of professionalism and understands the expectations to create and execute a successful business plan for the 1861 Club. She has a love of the community and the Kansas State Fair with a desire to help both improve for this generation and the next.”

James Fisher, Executive Director, Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation.

Tami expressed excitement about joining the Foundation team as Manager of the 1861 Club and working to successfully launch this new venue. She looks forward to helping create an incredible experience for each individual or corporation that allows the 1861 Club to host their event.

When not working, Tami spends time with her husband Craig and their two Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Bella Mae, and Tito. She enjoys family gatherings, home projects, container gardening, and seeking treasures at local estate sales and auctions.

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