September 2023 Volunteer Spotlight: Dylan Evans

With the Kansas State Fair (KSF) just one week away, what better way to celebrate than to get to know KSF board member and Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation (KFF) volunteer, Dylan Evans. Dylan’s significant involvement with both organizations gives him an unmatched perspective when it comes to all things Fair and Fairgrounds. 

From left to right: Chelsea Evans, Dylan Evans, and KFF board member, Tawnya Roenbaugh
Pictured at Boots and Bling 2023 – Champagne Life

Being involved with the Kansas State Fair is a personal interest and something he can do with his family. Dylan participated actively in the Fair during his youth and has continued ever since. His family has served on the KFF board since its inception in 2003, with his parents, John and Sara, and sister, Kate Evans all currently serving on the board. Dylan has volunteered with the Foundation, along with his wife, Chelsea, for many years and in 2019 he celebrated his first Fair as a part of the Kansas State Fair board.

On a related side note, one question that often gets asked is, “What is the difference between the Kansas State Fair board and the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation board?” 

The answer is that the Kansas State Fair and the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation are separate organizations with their own unique boards, policies, and structure. The Kansas State Fair Board is appointed by the Governor and is a government agency. The purpose of the Kansas State Fair Board centers on showcasing and celebrating All Things Kansas through the Kansas State Fair and Fairgrounds. 

The Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation, on the other hand, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization where new board members are nominated by current board members, vetted, and approved by the board. The purpose of the KFF is to raise funds to further the renovation, construction, preservation and beautification of the Kansas State Fairgrounds.

The two boards may be very different, but experiencing them working together first-hand has impacted Dylan. He even noted that the greatest accomplishment he’s seen from both organizations has been the camaraderie that has grown between the two. Continuing to grow the working relationship between the boards is one of Dylan’s goals as a KSF board member.

[The collaboration between the boards] is the best it’s ever been.

Dylan Evans on KSF and KFF

When talking about his involvement with the Foundation specifically, Dylan said his favorite activity is always Boots and Bling. He calls it a “win-win” for the fair as Boots and Bling is the Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year. He sees it as being a great combination of the goals for both organizations being about “All Things Fair.” He appreciates that all the money raised gets funneled back into the fairgrounds to continue making the Fair and the fairgrounds the best place to be.

Dylan and Chelsea having fun at Boots and Bling 2023 – Champagne Life

Looking to the future of the Kansas State Fair and Fairgrounds, Dylan noted the continued need for upgrades, expansion and maintenance of the grounds, especially as livestock shows continue to expand. Working together will be the key to ensuring all of the buildings can accommodate the needs of participants and fairgoers of all ages.

It really brings everybody from all walks of life to the city of Hutchinson and the Kansas State Fair. It is the pride of Kansas and the pride of agriculture in Kansas; 10 days of fun, music, food and friends.

Dylan Evans on the Kansas State Fair

All in all, being involved in both organizations, whether he’s serving on the board for the State Fair or volunteering to help raise funds for the fairgrounds with the Foundation, is about “all things Fair” for Dylan. 

His closing remark is that everyone needs to know that the Kansas State Fair is honestly 10 days of everything anybody could want in a 10 day span. You see it all, hear it all and you can taste it all!

Do you have a special way that you could volunteer like Heath? Sign up today to help with Boots and Bling!

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