August 2023 Volunteer Spotlight: Heath Bergkamp

The Live Auction at Boots and Bling is a can’t miss part of the night, especially thanks to all the hard work done by Heath Bergkamp, the Boots and Bling auctioneer. For the last 3 years Bergkamp has been volunteering as a part of the dynamic duo made up of him and John McCurry, who acts as the emcee for the auction.

Heath Bergkamp at Boots and Bling 2021

Bergkamp and McCurry have made a name for themselves in the wide world of charity auctions, a reputation that Heath claims is owed to the unforgettable Boots and Bling events that they have been apart of. Together, they have also worked with organizations such as the Cancer Council of Reno County, Salthawk Athletics and Hospice and Homecare of Reno County.

Heath said he enjoys being involved with the Boots and Bling auction because it is a fun event. He said it’s always worth his time to see it all happen. Here at the Foundation, we know we owe a huge portion of the Live Auction’s success to Heath and John.

We get excited to do stuff like that; it’s something that not everyone gets to do and you’re raising money for progress on the Fairgrounds.

Heath Bergkamp on auctioneering for Boots and Bling

Heath’s favorite thing about the Kansas State Fair is the Grand Drive. He loves the energy of the event and the way it’s put together- it’s a neat event! The Grand Drive hosts each of the youth livestock market divisions: goats, hogs, sheep, and cattle. They have a special gala on the opening weekend of the fair. All the top-placing animals from each livestock category come together and compete for the champion of champions– the Grand Champion of the Grand Drive!

As a farmer and rancher, the Kansas State Fair and the Fairgrounds hold many special memories for Heath and his family. One year, the Bergkamps even had a champion steer at the Kansas State Fair. Being part of Boots and Bling and giving back to something that was a big part of his upbringing is worthwhile in Heath’s eyes.

On the topic of the success and growth of Boots and Bling, Heath, like others, said that it continues to get taken to another level each year. He credited the Evans family, Mary McCurry, James Fisher and everyone involved for the fact that it has grown so much. Bergkamp said that it is the place to be on that night and that Boots and Bling has become a huge social event for the year. “It’s second to none,” he stated.

It’s been top notch from the start. The first year I did it, it was amazing, but the number of people that’s grown in even 3 years is incredible.

Heath Bergkamp on Boots and Bling

When asked whether there have been any particularly memorable items that he’s auctioned at Boots and Bling, Bergkamp recalled auctioning the special lot for the Jones family last year. “They were in a bad situation and it was great to be able to help,” Heath said.

Heath said that he really enjoys auctioneering. It’s his way of being able to give back to the community and he’s glad to do it.

Do you have a special way that you could volunteer like Heath? Sign up today to help with Boots and Bling!

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