June 2023 Volunteer Spotlight: Scott and Leanna Love

Long-time fair supporters Scott and Leanna Love have supported the Kansas State Fair (KSF) by volunteering with the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation (KFF) practically since the Foundation was incorporated in 2003.

They have volunteered in the Foundation’s official Kansas State Fair Merchandise Booth during the Kansas State Fair every year since they began volunteering. They have also helped the Foundation pull off the biggest fundraising event of the year, Boots and Bling.

In addition to volunteering, they support the Foundation with donations, participating in Boots and Bling Auctions, and their Foundation Bench, pictured below.

They were introduced to volunteering with the Foundation through their good friends and KFF board members, John and Sara Evans. Scott and Leanna had nothing but good things to say and high praises for the entire Evans family consisting of John, Sara, Kate (also a KFF board member), Megan, Dylan, and Chelsea. They commented on their hard work with Boots and Bling and their overall devotion to the success of the Kansas State Fairgrounds.

When it comes to the Kansas State Fair, Scott had a lot of memories to share, going all the way back to 1959.

 From 1959 to 1962, I participated in Band Day.  At that time we marched from downtown and performed at the grandstand.  It was a long march, sometimes over 90 degrees, in those hot wool band uniforms.

Scott and Leanna love

In the late 80’s one of their favorite traditions was taking their 1956 Ford convertible to the classic car show during the Fair. Scott has served on the board of a national car club for 25 years and continues to be active in several classic car organizations.

Scott and Leanna’s two daughters were also participants on the fairgrounds with 4-H and enjoyed making entries in exhibits like photography during the Kansas State Fair. The Fair continues to be an important yearly event for the Loves as they have been parking their RV on the grounds to enjoy the entire Kansas State Fair since 2014.

During the Fair they love volunteering in the Foundation’s official Kansas State Fair Merchandise Booth and said that being such long-time attendees has made answering questions and helping people there a breeze. Scott and Leanna also love people-watching while they work at the booth.

It would be easier to list what they don’t love about the Kansas State Fair. When asked what they loved the most Scott mentioned food, entertainment, demonstrations, shopping, livestock shows, and more! He also pointed out how special it was to have the A-list grandstand acts come and provide entertainment for everyone in the heart of Kansas. There is fun for the whole family with the Love’s grandchildren especially enjoying the midway and the Old Mill.

A love of the Kansas State Fair and support for the Kansas Fairgrounds like what Scott and Leanna demonstrate is a huge reason that both organizations are where they are today. Together, with volunteers like the Loves, the Fair and the Foundation can continue to grow, improve, and thrive while preserving the memories and history of the fairgrounds and celebrating all things Kansas.

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